Orange County Medicare Insurance

Planning your Medicare insurance can be confusing, and if you live in Orange County, you have multiple options to choose from.  Let me help you through the Medicare Maze!

My name is Dominick, and I’m a licensed Life & Health Insurance agent serving the Orange and Los Angeles Counties.  With so many insurance plans and advertisements, you may feel “lost” with what Medigap Insurance plan is best for you.

That’s why I created this Free Report:

6 Expensive Medicare Mistakes: And How To Avoid Them


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When selecting an agent to help you with your Medicare Insurance in Orange County, be sure that:

  • you select an agent that does not charge any “broker fees”
  • the agent offers multiple plans from multiple insurance carriers (more choices = less bias)
  • the agent is authorized to sell BOTH Medicare Advantage Plans and Supplemental Plans
  • the agent supplies you with their California Insurance License number
  • that is willing to meet you in person if geographically reasonable
  • can be reached during normal business hours or responds to your requests with 24 hours

Building trust with your agent will go a long way over the years, allowing the agent to properly service your Medicare Insurance needs – so picking the right agent is critical to ensure you’re receiving the best service possible.

If you’re turning 65 and are new to the Medicare system, I will meet with you, one-on-one to clearly explain all your options and the pro’s and con’s of each option. It’s my duty to make sure you understand certain laws and requirements, plan nuances, restrictions and benefits to each choice you make, prior to you deciding on your Medigap Insurance plan, or your Medicare Advantage Plans in Orange County.  Besides my services, it’s always good to review your options by visiting (The Official website), where you can research plans in your county, your medication insurance and review all the rules and regulations that all Medicare eligible people have to know about and follow.

We’ll go step-by-step to look at ALL plans available, based on your lifestyle, your Primary Care Physician preference and your monthly budget.  All these things should be taken into consideration prior to selecting your plan.

If you have any questions, or would like a FREE evaluation, simply call me at 800-443-9109.

Here’s an example of a typical Medicare card that’s issued to you when you turn 65.



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Medicare Supplement Insurance versus Part C

Understanding the Medicare Supplemental Medigap Insurance choices in Orange County can be confusing.  Throw in various other choices like Part C, Plan F, Part D and all of sudden you may be feeling a little overwhelmed!

I can help make Medicare Easy.

Most people approaching 65, or those about to lose their health insurance coverage by retiring, need  to start planing their Medicare options immediately. The Government has strict penalties for those that procrastinate – which may cost you hundreds, even thousands more over the next ten years of you don’t act when you should.

As a Medicare Agent, I find that most people have heard of and are quite familiar with Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans, also known as Medi-Gap insurance, because they’re designed to fill in the coverage “gaps” that Medicare does not cover.   This is typically 20% of all costs associated with any type of health care for those in the Medicare system.  The Medigap plan simply pays all costs over and above the 80% that’s covered by the Government. It’s a very simple process, most people select a company to “underwrite” the policy, pay a monthly premium, and go along as if nothing was different.

When the need arises to use health services, and it’s time to pay the bill, the Medicare system will pay for 80% of the bill, and the Medigap policy will pay the other 20%, regardless of how small or big the bill is – there’s no spending limit.  Here’s a typical breakdown of what some Medicare Supplement Plans may cover:


Some benefits of a Medicare Supplement Policy:

  • Flat premiums each month: seniors can budget around these costs without worrying about any unexpected expenses
  • Premiums rise at a set amount each year: another great way for seniors to budget their annual medical costs
  • Use any Dr they want: there’s no networks to worry about, if the Doctor accepts Medicare as a form of payment, then the senior can use them
  • The Underwriter doesn’t dictate care:  the insurance company the policy is held with has no influence or say over the quality of care, or the Doctor that the client has to use – the insurance company is simply there to pay the 20% bill

Some of the drawbacks

  • Monthly premiums start at $130 per month in Orange County: most seniors are on a fixed income and this is simply not a viable option
  • You still need to purchase a Part D Prescription Drug Plan separately
  • Monthly premiums increase each year: this too makes it fairly expensive for the average senior
  • You can be denied: outside of your Initial Enrollment Period, if you try to change plans, there is a change the new carrier will deny your application if you have pre-exisiting conditions
  • No Extras: you pretty much get what Medicare offers, which does not include things like Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Dental, Vision, Transportation, Personalized services etc.
  • Less Doctors Are Accepting Medicare: because the Government continues to eat away at the payments Doctors receive for treating patients paying with Medicare, more and more Doctors are electing to no longer accept Original Medicare as a form of payment.

While Medicare Supplements are very popular, there’s an alternative that is gaining in popularity and giving these Medigap plans a run for their money (or lack of money!).

Medicare Advantage Plans have been around for years, they’re also known as Medicare Pt. C plans and they have to be approved by the Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in order to be offered.

Part C Plans in Orange County are great!  They give you some wonderful benefits and “perks” that you would never see on Original Medicare.  The biggest draw for most is the price of the monthly fee in order to have a Part C plan – $0.   You’ll still pay your Part B premiums, but I have many plans that cost NOTHING to be in the plan.

Here’s some pro’s and con’s:

  • Costs as little as $0 per month in Orange County
  • Most plans include extras like Gym Memberships at 24 Hour Fitness, Preventative Dental, Transportation, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Free meals after hospital discharge, 24 Hour Nurse Hotline and many other benefits!
  • Small Co-Pays – since most plans don’t charge a monthly premium, you would have a small $5 to $20 Doctor Co-pay
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans are often included at no extra cost
  • All plans are guaranteed acceptance, unless you have ESRD.
  • You can change your plan 1x per year without any fear of losing coverage
  • Less paperwork

Some of the cons may be:

  • You must stick to a Network of Doctors and Hospitals
  • For HMO plans, you must ask for a referral from your primary Dr prior to seeing a specialist
  • Some plans have a minimum “per-day” co-payment if you land in the hospital (so shop around!)
  • Plans differ by County, so if you move, you must change plans.

With So Many Choices, Which Plan Do I Choose?

As a licensed Life & Health Agent, I’m authorized and certified to sell many Medicare Advantage Plans in Orange County.  I would love to discuss all of your options, free of charge.  In fact, you’ll never pay me for any of my advice or help.  To speak with me, simply call 800-443-9109.

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Medicare: Not Just For Seniors

Most people think Medicare Insurance is simply for seniors, those over the age of 65.  But Medicare covers more than just seniors.

It’s true that the lion’s share of Medicare recipients are seniors over the age of 65, but Medicare can be obtained at any age by those that have End Stage Renal Disease (kidney failure). It can also be used by those that are permanently disabled after a two year waiting period.

Once benefits begin, they cannot be taken away, but they can be changed, as most people have heard in recent national headlines.  Since Medicare is a Federally funded health care program, the Feds can change the benefits under the program (as often as they wish).  This is often seen during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), which lasts from October 15th to December 7th of each year.

It’s during this AEP that most seniors find out what their share of the program will be – typically Seniors are on the hook to pay Medicare Part B premiums (a few situations exist that would allow a 3rd party to pay these premiums – such as those on their state’s Medicaid program).  Part B Premiums often “inch up” each year, typically to keep with inflation and the ever increasing costs of administering the program.

In this blog I’m going to cover many of these, oven misunderstood, Medicare mysteries.  If you need a free consultation, I live in the Orange County area and am more than happy to help you at no charge.  I can be contacted at 800-443-9109.


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